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Live Ghost Web Cams At PROS LTRS

Scroll down the page for background information, pics, movie trailors and links to the PROS LTRS website. Click inside the video to view full screen.

Paranormal activity includes, EVP, full body apparitions, unknown sounds, foot steps, voices, light anomalies, kinetic activity. The location has also been featured in the movie 'Fingerprints', see below.

PROS conducts live interactive investigations most Saturday nights at around 8pm Central Time in the US.

PROS Investigations

The LTRS 'Live' Ghost Cams

The Buildings Background

ghost cam ghost pic The building was built in 1893 and has been used as several things in the past. One a Mercantile, so goods were bought and sold there. The Army had some of it's supplied stored there as well for Ft Reno here in Oklahoma. It was also said to be used a train station before the location across the tracks was built. The place was as used to produce farming equipment in it's later years. We have found no evidence of reported deaths in the location. However there was a great flood in Guthrie, (the name of the town 1st capital of Oklahoma) on the 29th of April 1897. A number of folks were said to have been killed in the flood. More than what was reported. The creek is very close.

PROS has been investigating this location since 2004. We had it as a Long Term Research Site since 06. We term the location "The LTRS" for short. The location produces a great deal of EVP, appartions have been seen in the location by many, even over the cameras! Kinetic activity has been experienced in the location as well. The sound of footsteps particularly on the stairs is common. Disembodied voices are heard audiably at times too, (sometimes the sources can be outside).

PROS conducts live investigations every weekend except in extremely bad weather. The invests start between 7-8pm during the winter months and during the warmer part of the year around 9pm. We have a chat room which folks may interact with one another and our investigators. Cameras and chat are live 27/7 except when the Oklahoma weather take the power out!

PROS Investigations

Movie Trailors

'Finger Prints' used this location in the filming. Click inside the video to view full screen.

A Few Pics From Inside

ghost cam pic 1 ghost cam pic 2
ghost cam pic 4
Check out the PROS Investigations website by clicking the link below.
They've got tons of information available including archived video footage, photo galleries and if you need a pro team to investigate your home or business you know who to contact.
PROS Investigations

Video Resource

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