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10/31/14 at 21:31:53
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  Introductions, General Discussion, Help & Guidance Last Post Topics Posts
Members Introductions & Info Members Introductions & Info
Tell us a bit about yourself... :)
Moderator Group: Moderators
Last Post Today at 19:59:22
In: Babysoftpink
By: babysoftpink
3316 19448
General Discussion Board General Discussion Board
Talk about anything on this board...yada yada yada!
Moderator Group: Moderators
Last Post Yesterday at 21:34:11
In: Re: Energy Experiments
By: Angelicslullaby
3125 23508
For Everything ABT (anybodythere.net) For Everything ABT (anybodythere.net)
Help, guidelines, updates, news, problems and ideas.
Moderators: Owlscrying, Evie
Last Post Today at 21:22:37
In: Re: Halloween 2014 ~ GUES...
By: Cookie
714 4707

  Psychic Reading Boards - Members Only Last Post Topics Posts
Free Psychic Readings: A Picture = 1000 Words, What Do You See Free Psychic Readings: A Picture = 1000 Words, What Do You See
Please no posting pics of a sensitive nature. Read About for more info.
Moderator Group: Moderators
Last Post Today at 20:54:29
In: Re: Picture Reading?
By: javaweb
5170 35320
Members FREE Psychic Readings Members FREE Psychic Readings
If you would like a reading or to read to other members please post here.
Moderator Group: Moderators
Last Post Today at 01:39:49
In: Re: Eckscalibur's Bio and...
By: Eckscalibur
1985 26345
Psychic Fun: What Are They Thinking? Psychic Fun: What Are They Thinking?
Upload pics of yourself, people, pets and animals and let our members read your pics! This board is for fun only and not to be taken seriously :)

Last Post 10/28/14 at 16:37:24
In: Re: OneSpiritPlace with T...
By: OneSpiritPlace
135 724

  Paranormal Forum Boards Last Post Topics Posts
Paranormal General Discussion Board Paranormal General Discussion Board
Non specific paranormal topics .
Moderator Group: Moderators
Last Post Today at 20:43:18
In: Was a ghost caught on vid...
By: MarioAlien
1936 13468
Paranormal Pics Paranormal Pics
Post all your pics here (orb pics see board below).

Last Post 10/22/14 at 21:21:38
In: Eerie figure engulfed in ...
By: MarioAlien
981 10913
Psychics and Spirit Guides Psychics and Spirit Guides
The sixth sense, psychics, psychic abilities and spirit guides.

Last Post Today at 21:29:13
In: Re: My Journey~My Journal...
By: Poison Ivy
1363 11670
Paranormal Help and Advice Paranormal Help and Advice
Need help and advice with paranormal activity, hauntings, cold spots?

Last Post Today at 21:28:15
In: Re: I need help, or at le...
By: Psyched
1064 6783
Paranormal World News & Events Paranormal World News & Events
The paranormal, unexplained and science today.
Moderator: Owlscrying
Last Post 10/25/14 at 15:43:12
In: Re: Nazca Lines of Kazakh...
By: Rose Rivers
3521 6026
Past Lives, NDE, Death and Life After Death Past Lives, NDE, Death and Life After Death
Is there really life after death?
Moderator: Angahith
Last Post 10/28/14 at 09:11:05
In: Re: Anyone ever get a vis...
By: Maia
516 4479
Orbs Fact or Fiction Orbs Fact or Fiction
The big debate what really are 'orbs'.

Last Post 10/26/14 at 11:28:47
In: Re: my insane opinion on ...
By: Blueskye11-Amber
500 3103
Aliens and UFO's Aliens and UFO's
Is there anything out there or are we all alone?

Last Post 10/23/14 at 19:34:14
In: Re: iDo you believe in al...
By: Mongki
1068 3550
Paranormal Places, Investigations and Experiences. Paranormal Places, Investigations and Experiences.
Been to a haunted location, had a supernatural encounter?

Last Post 10/20/14 at 07:19:21
In: Re: Most haunted place in...
By: Knowledge
595 2985
EVP'S...the sound of silence! EVP'S...the sound of silence!
The study of electronic voice phenomena.

Last Post 10/10/14 at 23:15:23
In: Re: phone call from decea...
By: joanof689
344 2447
The Quija Board The Quija Board
Is this just for fun or a serious tool and if so is it dangerous?

Last Post 10/29/14 at 15:56:56
In: Re: Thanks Hollywood... a...
By: Kaelea Majere
187 2434
Angels and Guardian Angels Angels and Guardian Angels
Please leave all your posts for everything angel here :)
Moderator: Anne Psychic Medium
Last Post 10/29/14 at 16:09:12
In: Re: Can your angels/guide...
By: Kaelea Majere
351 2543
Paranormal Movies, TV Shows & Video Clips Paranormal Movies, TV Shows & Video Clips
Watched any scary video's lately?

Last Post 10/11/14 at 01:29:48
In: The Possession of Emily R...
By: joanof689
271 1557
Psychic Kidz Psychic Kidz
Are you a gifted teenager or a parent with a gifted child?
Moderators: Kimmy, cheyenne
Last Post 09/27/14 at 17:38:53
In: Re: Devlyn Hunter
By: 51degrees
177 1548
Astral Travel, Astral Projection and OBE Astral Travel, Astral Projection and OBE
Time and space...what's it all about?

Last Post 10/28/14 at 19:33:33
In: Re: My most recent experi...
By: Maia
237 1602
'Live' Ghost Web Cams 'Live' Ghost Web Cams
seen anything? Post your comments and screen shots here.

Last Post 09/20/14 at 13:39:01
In: Re: scared the poop out o...
By: ILovePoems
114 933

  Members (Community) Forum Boards Last Post Topics Posts
Just For Fun Just For Fun
Funny videos, stories, pics, jokes, tests and quizzes.

Last Post 10/28/14 at 19:28:14
In: Re: All about YOU !!!
By: Maia
1603 12926
Members Talents Members Talents
Creative corner: a place to show off your talents.

Last Post 10/26/14 at 07:26:33
In: Re: Beacon's Musings
By: Beacon
1415 9065
What Are You Listening To? What Are You Listening To?
Post your Youtube music videos here.

Last Post Today at 14:05:29
By: Owlscrying
1250 8293
Prayer Requests & Absent Healing Prayer Requests & Absent Healing
Ask or send healing/help to a friend or loved one.
Moderators: homebound, cheyenne
Last Post 10/20/14 at 16:03:26
In: Re: Help me send another ...
By: Poison Ivy
774 4806
Members Pets and Animals Members Pets and Animals
Share your pics or thoughts of your pets and animals.

Last Post 10/24/14 at 17:23:15
In: Re: Bundy & Sasha
By: 6cats
686 3885
I Want To Vent... ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I Want To Vent... ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Something you want to get off your chest, say it 'BIG'
Moderator: SusanG
Last Post Yesterday at 17:45:38
In: Re: Standing at the spiri...
By: Kaelea Majere
633 4159
Birthdays, Anniversary's and Celebrations Birthdays, Anniversary's and Celebrations
A special place to share, give and receive.

Last Post Today at 16:14:48
By: Poison Ivy
447 3297
In The News In The News
Non paranormal global news stories.
Moderator: Owlscrying
Last Post 10/04/14 at 00:00:19
In: Franklin Ship Discovered ...
By: ShadowOfLight
1521 2401
Feeling Depressed, Down or Need A Hug Feeling Depressed, Down or Need A Hug
Going through tough times, need some support we are here :)
Moderators: homebound, Ria, cheyenne
Last Post 10/17/14 at 11:09:47
In: Re: Need help/advice
By: Rose Rivers
387 2590
Love and Relationships Love and Relationships
Good or bad - a problem shared is a problem halved.

Last Post 10/08/14 at 06:38:07
In: Re: Soul Mates
By: Ria
355 2401
Health Wise Health Wise
Suggestions and Ideas for a healthy body and mind. What works for you?
Moderator: Grendel
Last Post 10/29/14 at 10:18:48
In: Re: Yoga - 30 day challen...
By: Helen
784 2053
Spirituality and Faith Spirituality and Faith
What are your personal beliefs, please share in your thoughts.
Moderator: SusanG
Last Post 10/17/14 at 22:27:03
In: Re: The best religion
By: theuprising
342 2114
Members Kidz Members Kidz
A place to share your fav pics, stories and experiences.

Last Post Yesterday at 19:48:57
In: A few pictures of my amaz...
By: brittfess23
322 1516
Movies, Cinema and TV Movies, Cinema and TV
Post your Youtube video clips here.

Last Post 10/20/14 at 15:00:13
In: the walking dead
By: heaven1967
410 1148
I Would Just Like To Say... Thank You I Would Just Like To Say... Thank You
Tell someone 'YOU' care and make a member smile :)

Last Post 10/24/14 at 14:35:52
In: Re: thank you<3
By: Rose Rivers
338 1104
A Good Read A Good Read
Read any good literature please share...

Last Post 10/13/14 at 02:28:46
In: Re: Books You've Just Got...
By: SunshineDaisy
361 967
Home & Vacation Home & Vacation
Shows us your pics we would love to see them.

Last Post Yesterday at 11:07:09
In: Re: Steve took a pic from...
By: 6cats
239 1308
Memories Of A Loved One Memories Of A Loved One
Memorial to cherished loved ones who have passed on, we miss you!
Moderator: Ria
Last Post 10/27/14 at 17:00:22
In: Re: ~*~Happy Birthday Mom...
By: Poison Ivy
244 1023
Members Charities Members Charities
Got a favourite charity you would like to share with us.

Last Post 07/09/14 at 00:49:23
In: Re: Dog's on Deployment
By: Forest Girl
84 226

  Reading, Learning, Sharing and Understanding Last Post Topics Posts
Dream Analysis Dream Analysis
Want to know the meaning to your dreams or nightmares?
Moderator: Owlscrying
Last Post 10/29/14 at 11:26:32
In: Re: What is really terrif...
By: Maia
2080 7145
Akasha's Psychic Tarot Readings Akasha's Psychic Tarot Readings
If you are interested in a reading please leave your messages here.
Moderator: akasha
Last Post 10/29/14 at 09:59:05
In: Re: Availability For Inst...
By: akasha
1147 2996
Inner Development Inner Development
A special place to grow and learn.
Moderators: homebound, Angahith
Last Post Today at 16:41:59
In: Re: FADE 10/26 - Angels a...
358 2571
Bereavement and Grief Bereavement and Grief
Lost a loved one? Trying to cope with your loss or wish to help others?
Moderator: AndreaMc
Last Post 08/20/14 at 11:01:55
In: Re: loss no matter what i...
By: Helen
320 1953
Reiki, Meditation and Healing Reiki, Meditation and Healing
...do it the natural way!
Moderators: Ria, Angahith, ..Holly.., Holly1
Last Post 10/28/14 at 15:40:41
In: Re: "Visits" during medit...
By: Poison Ivy
436 2003
Wiccan, Pagan and All Things Magical Wiccan, Pagan and All Things Magical
A different way of life! A different spiritual journey!
Moderator: Ophelia
Last Post Today at 09:14:28
In: Samhain/Halloween/All Sai...
By: JadenSilverWolf
428 2177
The Many Forms Of Reading The Many Forms Of Reading
Tarot, astrology, rune, palm, numerology, face, aura and more..
Moderator: Angahith
Last Post Yesterday at 10:24:32
In: Does anyone read either s...
By: AvaAdora
285 1705
The Empath's Path (by request) The Empath's Path (by request)
The ability to sense the emotions of others.

Last Post Today at 19:02:06
In: Re: Empaths: That courage...
By: Psyched
143 1355

  Amazing Stories & The Universe Last Post Topics Posts
Just Amazing Just Amazing
WOW...... Is this for real?

Last Post Today at 02:24:59
In: Re: Magnetic Termite Moun...
By: AmyCat
2146 4797
The Universe The Universe
Bringing some of the mysteries of the universe a little closer to home.
Moderator: Owlscrying
Last Post Yesterday at 13:53:14
In: Re: A Journey In Astropho...
By: Steve
3934 7430

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